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Day 23 - Hardin Montana

Saturday - September 28, 2019

With it raining, and nowhere to be at no specific time, we didn't arise until around 7:00 AM. I had actually been awake since 5:00 AM catching up on email and reading the WSJ.

Our plan was to visit the Big Horn Historical Museum and then have lunch at the Three Brothers Bistro in downtown Hardin. The Museum was only a mile from our room, but when we arrive it was closed! Apparently after Labor Day they are only open Monday-Friday.

With the museum checked off, we looked at our options. The decided to try the Yellowtail Dam Visitor Center. It was about 45 miles from Hardin. The drive was nice. A two lane highway, mostly straight as an arrow with 70 mph speed limit. When we arrived, guess what- it was closed also.

View from above the Yellowtail Dam.

At least we enjoyed the ride, saw huge stacks of bailed hay and miles and miles of potato farms. We met a number of transom trucks carrying potatoes - huge potatoes. We passed a depot where a mountain of potatoes were being loaded by a front-end loader into the trucks. I stopped to try and get a photo on the way back but they were not loading then.

The big mound on the right is potatoes.

We did see some potatoes which had fallen off a truck and they were HUGE. Some were almost as large as a dinner plate. We decided these must be raised for commercial products such as instant potatoes and other prepared products.

We returned to Hardin where Kay wanted to visit a business she noticed last night - Farmers Daughter General Store. It was a real interesting store and we enjoyed browsing for about 45 minutes.

Downtown Hardin Montana

Now, it was time for lunch. Guess what - Three Brothers was not open for lunch on Saturday. It opens a 5:00 PM. I guess it will be dinner instead of lunch...

We just returned from dinner at Three Brothers. The meal was good and again, it was local atmosphere. I had a Yellowstone Brewing Co. "Black Widow Stout". Excellent.

We leave tomorrow for Rapid City, SD via Spearfish Scenic Byway and Mount Rushmore. The weather is supposed to be better tomorrow. According to the weather forecast, it appears that we are just ahead of the snow!

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